The Letter - $10

An anonymous letter, with glitter in the letter, concealed so it won't come out until the letter is opened.  This will be sent within one business day to the name and address of your choice.  You can choose from the following letter choices.

Hatred - A letter proclaiming the discontent that someone has for this person.

Rub it in - A letter rubbing in a failure or tough moment in someones life.

The Empty Envelope - $20

An over-sized envelope full of packing material and a simple note at the bottom. The note will proclaim that "This package is empty just like your existence."

The Voodoo Box - $60

A box with a voodoo doll with a specific part missing or damaged. Around the neck of the doll will be the name of your choice.

Hand Sanitizer Lube Package - $25

This box contains a hand sanitizer bottle filled with warming lube.  When this is used, it will put the feeling of hatred into anyone's heart. 

Confetti Glitter Mix - $25

Not like other services that provide lackluster results.  This package has confetti mixed with a large amount of glitter.  In the pack, concealed and wrapped, is a rock and a note saying that "You just got got" forcing them to dig through to see what is included.

Hair Gel Box - $25

Give the gift of hair gel.  The issue with this gel, it is already opened and is ALL OVER the inside of the envelope.  Inside is a letter wrapped in plastic wishing the person the absolute worst day.

The Flower Pack - $40

A package containing flowers that have died and a note stating "These flowers are dead just like any love that anyone has ever had for you."

The Urn Box - $150

A box containing an urn, full of ashes, with the name of your choice engraved on it. 

The Impenetrable Box - $100

A cardboard box that contains another cardboard box wrapped in duct tape, containing a wooden box that is screwed and glued shut, that contains a small rock and a note expressing how much time was wasted opening the boxes for nothing more than a worthless stone.